Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rake up Boise

Saturday, November 17, 2007
Did you know that I love Boise? :-) One activity that I enjoy participating in is Rake up Boise. This annual event benefits elderly citizens throughout the town as groups of volunteers spend the day raking their yards. I decided this year that I wanted to organize a team from Boise State Enrollment Services (Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Campus Community). Even though we ended up with a small team (it was game day so that made difficult to recruit), we had a great time and were able to spend a couple hours raking 2 yards. Thanks to my team - Jenny, Ryan, Madison, Kris, Chase, Sandy, and Mark!


Val said...

I haven't done Rake Up Boise since I was in YW! What good memories!

Jenny from the Park Blocks said...

Thank you so much for organizing our BSU team, Kimberly! I really enjoyed the work and hanging out with everyone. Sign me up for next year! :)