Monday, December 10, 2007

Thanks Cowan Family!

Monday, December 10, 2007
I had the best visitors tonight - my college roommate Jennie and her family came all the way from Switzerland to Boise just to visit me! Okay, maybe not just to visit me, but I was sure happy they decided to spend the evening with me! We had fun eating, catching up, reminiscing... it was great to see Jennie & Brent again and to meet Drew and Avery - they're adorable. They were busy watching Toy Story 2 when we took this picture:-) Anyway, thanks for the great night guys! I'm looking forward to coming to visit you in Switzerland next year some time!


Anie said...

HEY Kim!!
Wondering if you will email me your address. I'm trying to gather addresses for all of our fellow 1998 classmates! :) If you have any email addresses for people that we gratuated with please send those as well. Thanks a TON!!
My email address is:

The Cowan Family said...

Thank you so much, Kim!! We had such a great time...and Drew and Avery are still loving their new crayons and books.

rawhide said...

i'm jealous that you guys got together without me...i guess i missed out on that on.....we will have to find a time again soon. you both look so good.