Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

Saturday, December 15, 2007
A few weeks ago, I was called as Activities Director for my ward. I asked if Christmas was already taken care of - I was assured it was, and I accepted. As it turns out, the date/time had been decided, and they knew they wanted a breakfast, but that was about it. I have totally been stressing the last few weeks, trying to coordinate food, tables, decorations, Santa, service project, program, etc. for over 200 people. What a project! I'm lucky to have had some great help, but it was definitely still a lot of work. I was up bright & early this morning, as we started setting up around 7am (another ward had their party last night, so we couldn't set up until today). Anyway, the morning was a whirlwind, but I survived! And I think people even enjoyed themselves :-) The food was yummy, and Santa was great - he even brought toys to hand out to all the kids! I had to get my picture taken for my blog :-)

I also got to meet my niece Hailey in the midst of all the chaos this morning! I bought her this cute Christmas dress to wear in her Santa picture - she looked like such a doll! I can't wait to actually get to hold her and dote on her like an aunt should :-)


Sally said...

Guess what? I'm the activities director for our ward, too :). just got called in October and I had a Chili Cook-off for 200+ people to plan. We had our ward Christmas Breakfast on December 1st, so I'm glad it's over with. Yours sounds like it was a huge success! My cousin's wife Christine is also on an activities committee back in VA. Her ward Christmas Party pictures are on her blog (Seth and Christine Vance) off my blog. They had some great ideas. We should all swap ideas sometime. I know I could use a little help! The magnet board is DARLING! Looks like you are definitely in the Christmas spirit!

Val said...

What a fun calling and cute picture! I wish I had a picture of myself sitting on Santa's lap!

Corinne said...

Way to go Kim! You are such a good planner so I am sure it was a hit! Your niece is so cute :)