Thursday, June 11, 2009

Library! Ramblings

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Last week Robin blogged about the Library! She talked about how great it is that the Boise Library! has an "!" as part of it's name (you should definitely check out her post!!) Anyway, I am excited for the new branch Library! in Boise to open (this isn't the best picture - I took it with my cell phone while I was waiting at a red light on my way to work this morning). Yes, it's small, but it's close to my house, and if I ever wanted a book that was at another Library!, they do inter-Library! exchange, so I could have it delivered to this branch (not like I don't work like 2 minites from our main Library!... or like there's a library (no "!") on campus about a 45 second walk from my office).

Anyway, I really enjoy reading. I remember as a kid that I would read late into the night. I had one of those little clock-radios with a lamp attached. When I would hear my mom coming, I would pull the lamp down almost right on top of the clock so that my mom wouldn't see any light on in my room. I think that's how I learned to read in such dim light - I would continue to read with the lamp on top of the clock so that I wouldn't get "caught" reading when I should have been sleeping. The funny part about all that is that the plastic part of my clock became warped from the heat of the light bulb!

I don't have to hide my reading from anyone any more... I kind of go in spurts of reading a lot or reading a little - I think it really depends on how much I am enjoying my current book. I have gotten into kind of a bad? habit lately of buying books from the store instead of borrowing them from the Library! I joined Borders Rewards program a couple years ago and I receive emails at least 2-3 times a month with coupons for anywhere from 20%-40% off a book. I can't pass them up! I also won't pay full price for books anymore. My bookshelves are completely filled, so I guess that means I need to buy more shelves! I have always thought it would be cool to have a big house with a beautiful library, complete with built in bookcases and one of those cool sliding ladders... maybe one day...


Sally said...

I have the same fantasy about having a library at home, tall walls lined with books and the sliding ladder. What a great dream.

I wish my library was closer. And I wish that our library was a Library! not just a library.

Julie in Boise said...

It is funny the things parents find out their kids did to avoid getting "caught". I would have been glad if some of my kids would "sneak" to read.

I have to share...I just finished a really good, LDS romance/suspense novel. The time period is during World War II.
It is 'Traitor' by Sandra Grey.
I really enjoyed this one.
(there is also a sequel,'Tribunal' with a 3rd one coming out sometime in the future).

Lisa O said...

I remember driving by the downtown library in Boise and yelling LIBRARY! at the top of our lungs. The library is definitely something to be excited about. We just got library cards here in Salt Lake, and felt a little bit more at home.