Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tuesday, September 22, 2009
I came across this poster and knew that I had to post it here! In case it's too small to read, it says "Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few." Yep, I'm one of those people! I have had several friends say, "My life is too boring to blog" or "I don't ever do anything worth blogging about". I am sure that some people might think that about me :-) I try to blog about the coolest things that happen to me to make my life sound exciting, but in reality, I blog because I have been a horrible journal writer my entire life. I honestly have only one journal that is completely full... and that's starting a new entry on each page! I figure that for some reason, it is easier for me to get on the computer and post for any and all to see - go figure! So anyway, I will continue to blog and print my blog books at the end of the year, regardless of if I really have anything to say or if anyone reads this... Happy blogging!


Robin said...

Blog On! Funny poster. I think you need to do a little post your blog books.

Lisa O said...

That poster is great! As one of the "few" I have to say that I am very glad that you are a blogger my friend. And I still want to see you blog books sometime too.

Emily said...

I'm a phantom reader. Don't stop. Your adventures are so different than mine and I love the outlet. Maybe I'll need to comment more. Love to hear from you, Kim.