Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden Beds

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
As I mentioned in my post about staining my fence, I was able to have a second raised-bed garden built since my fence was moved and I now have more space in my backyard.  I am so excited for this extra space, although it does mean more work!  Yesterday, I got yard of compost and shoveled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of compost into my new garden bed so that it is now ready for planting.  Hooray!  Now if the weather would just cooperate a little more (it snowed today!), then I can begin planting.

Also yesterday I was able to re-seed half my back yard (the grass died last year when I had a sprinkler malfunction) and transplant some raspberries.  My back is sore today!


Joni and Chase said...

Wow Kimberly! I am amazed at what you accomplish =) The garden plots look great. I hope we can do that someday...=) ~Joni