Saturday, September 15, 2007

Homage to the Pedestrian

Saturday, September 15, 2007
I love Boise! I could go on and on listing the reasons why... While attending college at BYU, I always touted Boise as the best place to live. One person, in response to my excitement, suggested that I should work for the Boise Chamber of Commerce! Anyway, today I add another reason that I love Boise to my list. I love the abundance of public art throughout this beautiful city. This morning, I came across a piece that I hadn't seen (or at least hadn't noticed) before. As I was walking to my conference, "music" started coming from several lamp posts. I looked up, trying to determine what could possibly be making that sound. I then realized that the lamp posts had motion sensors on them, and that each lamp post produced a different rhythmic sound. I loved it - it put a smile on my face. A big thank you to the artist for adding a little excitement to my walk!


Corinne said...

Boise is just awesome! I was laying in bed as Drew read me this post last night. I couldn't help but laugh. Let me say it again, Boise is just awesome!

Liz said...

Hey Kim! It was so fun to see your name on my blog! How are you? I've had fun reading about what you have been doing lately- especially that you ride a motorcycle- that is dangerously cool. :) Keep in touch!

Lisa O said...

Three cheers for Boise!!!

Stephanie A said...

It is fun reading how much you love Boise. I remember 33 years ago when my dad told me to move out west, find a husband and raise my family. Wasn't that the best advice ever? I came to Boise for a two week visit and have never left - that was in 1974. Love, Mom