Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Thursday, March 26, 2009
I spent the first half of the week in Anaheim, California for a conference for work. I loved my conference - the sessions I attended were fantastic, and I made some great contacts at other schools. Time flew by, and honestly I was sad to see the conference come to a close. One of the events at the conference was a concert by former Eagles member, Don Felder. I enjoyed the concert, but wish I knew more of his songs! Here is a picture of Camille and me at the concert... and no we didn't plan our outfits!

And of course I couldn't visit Anaheim without going to Disneyland! One evening after the conference sessions ended, Mark, Sandy, Bonnie, and I headed out for an evening of adventure. We had a really enjoyable evening, and had tons of fun on the rides. I love roller coasters, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was one of my favorite rides of the evening.

But perhaps my favorite part of the night was our Indiana Jones ride. The first time we went to the ride, there was a 60 minute wait, so we decided to skip the ride and come back later in the evening. Unfortunately, when we came back later, there was still a 55 minute wait. We all wanted to go on the ride, so we decided to brace the lines. Now here's the cool part - As we went to get in line, there was a sign that said they were accepting single riders. We asked about it, and were each given a single rider pass, with the understanding that we wouldn't get to ride in the same car. That was fine with us, since they said it would cut the wait to about 20 minutes. We were told to walk up the exit with our passes... well, we practically got to walk right up to the front of the line, at which point they had us join the regular line. So here we were, at the front of the line, and no longer had to use our passes :-) They just let us right on to the car as a group... and we even got the very front! How cool is that!?! I felt a little guilty, but it sure was fun :-)
Oh, and one last thing. Have you ever been on a plane where passengers screamed out because they were so scared? Well, the ride into LA was HORRIBLE! There was a ton of turbulence and it seriously sounded like the plane might fall apart. It was definitely the worst plane ride I have ever been on, and for the first time ever, I rifled through my seat pocket to find the little white bag :-) Fortunately, I made it off the plane (just barely) without incident, and I was so happy the plane ride back to Boise wasn't near as bad!


Erinlizabeth said...

I love the single rider line. ;-)