Monday, October 03, 2011

Bronco Bike

Monday, October 03, 2011
When I transitioned to my new role six weeks ago (wow, has it already been six weeks!?), I was relocated to the Yanke Research Buliding, an office building off Park Center across from Red Robin.  It's a super nice facility, right on the greenbelt with parking right outside the front door.  There are also locker rooms with showers right in the building making it nice and convenient to go for a run on my lunch break or after work.  The Campus Roadmap Leadership Team is actually only here temporarily until we're moved back to some trailers on the main campus.  Needless to say, we're not in any hurry to move.
For those of you familiar with Boise, though, you will understand that this building on Park Center isn't right next to campus... so when we have meetings with people on the main campus (which is almost daily for me), we have to drive.  Well, we used to have to drive!  OIT invested in some cool cruiser bikes, had them painted in BSU colors, and gave them to us to use to get around.  Our project team has four of these bicycles.  I took one down the greenbelt to campus for a meeting this afternoon and it was great!  I just had to get used to a bike where I couldn't switch gears and I had to push backwards on the pedals to brake.  Flashback to 1987!  It was actually faster riding the bike down the greenbelt than it would have been for me to drive (especially with all the construction around here!), park my car, and get to my meeting.  Plus, I felt pretty neat riding my Bronco bike.  I'm just hoping now for a dry fall so I can continue to ride instead of drive!


Bryan said...

That sounds awesome, taking a ride down the greenbelt to get to meetings.

The weather was so nice yesterday.

Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain until Saturday.

Beki Nye said...

Thats awesome! what a cute bike!