Sunday, October 07, 2007


Sunday, October 07, 2007
Wahoo! I love Boise State football! I think I decided that next year I'm going to buy season tickets. I just love watching those boys dominate the competition :-) I lucked out tonight and got to attend the Boise State game with my friend Diana (her husband was out of town fishing, so I got his ticket - thanks Ben!) It was a beautiful night for a game. It was televised on ESPN, and to make things a little more exciting, the fans in the upper bowl wore orange while the lower bowl wore blue. The game was not disappointing - Boise State creamed New Mexico State 58-0. We only punted once the entire game, and held New Mexico State to less than 90 yards total offense (while we had over 600 yards!) We even had our third-string offense in at the end of the game! All I can I say is that Boise State football rules! An added bonus - I get 58% off a Chicago Connection pizza tomorrow, as they promised a discount equal to the point differential :-)


Lisa O said...

Go Broncos!!! While we don't have cable, we've enjoyed watching some BSU games online at How cool would that be to get to watch live?!