Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Toilet Talk

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Today I took a picture in an airport bathroom stall... I know what you're thinking... that I visited the Minnesota airport bathroom made famous by our senator. Nope, nice try, though. I actually was in Portland today for a workshop. As I walked into the bathroom stall in PDX, I noticed right away the green flush handle on the toilet. I quickly realized that it was a dual-flush toilet. I had heard of dual-flush toilets before but had never actually seen or used one. They're pretty cool - you are supposed to lift the handle up for #1 and push the handle down for #2. Lifting the handle up triggers a "half flush", using less water than a typical flush. Just one more way to be environmentally friendly and save money on your water bill!

Oh, and sorry it's not the best picture... I was kind of embarrassed to be pulling out my camera in the middle of the bathroom :-)


Winfield said...

Awesome Blossom!

Emily said...

Cool beans! I learn much from you, Kim. I'm becoming more ecologically friendly all the time . . . at least I'm learning how to be.