Monday, April 27, 2009

I Love Chuck

Monday, April 27, 2009

I have talked about Chuck before, but I wanted to blog about Chuck again. I seriously love Chuck. It has far surpassed my old favorite, The Office, which has sort of fizzled out lately. It might be kinda lame to admit that watching Chuck is often the highlight of my week, but it's true. Since I have Monday evening commitments (FHE), I record Chuck on my trusty VHS tape and watch it as soon as I get home (I know - when will I get with the times and get DVR? My VHS tape is getting worn out, and I'm not even sure if they sell them in the stores anymore!). Anyway, Chuck is cute and funny and smart and witty and I will be DEVASTATED if the rumors are true and I don't get to watch Chuck next season. Regardless, at least I have Season 1 on DVD (and will own Season 2 as soon as it is available), so I guess I can always fall back on that, but I sure hope that my weekly Chuck fix can continue come September. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, NBC - SAVE CHUCK! Oh - I seriously clapped for the season finale tonight :-) Again, I know - lame, but I can't help it! I love Chuck!


Sally said...

Me, too! i am a total Chuck addict! The show tonight was AWESOME. I was be beyond sad if they cancel it. Ok, and you seriously surprised me about the VHS. I would have thought with all that texting you were definitely a DVR girl :)! Have to give you a hard time!

Anyway, the landscaping looks beautiful. Doesn't it just make your heart happy every time you drive up now? It will grow it wonderfully.

Erinlizabeth said...

Ok, I loved last night. Loved it. And it DID say "To be continued..."!!! It better be!