Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hangin' Out Downtown

Saturday, May 02, 2009
I spent the last couple weekends downtown, and I just have to say - I love downtown Boise! Last weekend, my fashion designer friend Krista put on a Trash 'n Show (part of an Earth Week celebration). There were three different rounds of clothing. The first round were outfits from second hand stores that Krista helped put together. The second round of clothes Krista actually made from clothing that had been donated to her (she used the material and created new clothing). The last round was my favorite - Krista made clothes out of random household materials. The picture below shows clothing made from a shower curtain, potato sack, party streamers, balloons, trash bags, CDs, newspaper, and post-it notes... so creative! After the show, Andrea and I headed to Asiagos for dinner. I seriously think I may have had the best Italian food ever! I LOVED the sun-dried tomato pesto gnocchi. It was heavenly! I will definitely be back!
Tonight, Andrea and I headed back downtown where we watched arena football. The Boise Burn creamed the Stockton Lightning 68-18. Arena football is so much more fast-paced than a regular football game, and I loved it! In fact, it was so fun to watch, that I might consider getting season tickets next year! The Burn players wore pink jerseys tonight that were auctioned off to help raise money for breast cancer.
When the game was over, we walked over to Mai Thai and had yummy chicken lettuce wraps and the most delicious crab fried rice. Once again, we thought we were in heaven. Seriously - it just may have been the best fried rice I have ever had.... mmmm, I love crab! Not only was the food great, but the restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere. We sat right next to this cool water feature that ran down the center of the restaurant. It was also kind of fun to be the last people in the restaurant - we got excellent service!


MaiTy said...

I LOVE the clothes made of the common household items. Have you seen the dress made out of old Capri Sun pouches? This picture totally reminded me of that. We have Asagios in Hawaii too and they are the BEST Italian place in the islands. Amazing! We drove through Boise the other night, but it was about 9 pm and it was WAY too late to call. We'd love to see you again some time!

Steph said...

Hey! I don't have your email for some reason...send me an email and I will send you an invite mama! LOVES