Thursday, May 14, 2009

Um, Ever Heard of a Lawn Mower???

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Or how about weed killer? Seriously, come on people. It's the middle of MAY! The rest of us have been mowing our lawns for at least a month. If you don't own a lawn mower, I am positive a neighbor kid would love to earn $20... or if you don't have an extra $20, I would be willing to guarantee that someone will lend you their lawn mower so you can get rid of your dandelion forest.

This is a real house in my neighborhood. I could maybe understand if the house was for sale and was vacant, but people actually live here!
In comparison, here's my beautiful yard :-) I love how green the grass is right now. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a quick or easy process, but I am so happy with how my yard is looking these days. I guess it's not hard to have a nice looking yard when you're comparing to neighbors like these!


Julie in Boise said...

Hey...I noticed this yard was recently mowed. They must have seen your blog. :)