Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
I remember trying to change the oil once in my 1980 full size Chevy Blazer when I was younger... I was definitely not a fan. From the pictures, you'll see that I probably wasn't really much help, and that my dad and BJ did most of the work...
Anyway, today I am thankful that there are places I can take my car to get the oil changed so I don't have to change it myself! I used to take my car to WalMart to get the oil changed, but anyone that knows me knows that I am not a fan of WalMart, and I really didn't like walking around that store for an hour while they changed my oil. So I started taking my car to a shop close to my home and would just read while they were changing my oil. Well, three months ago, I got smart! I realized that I can get my oil changed at Sears, and then I can spend the 30-45 minutes walking around the mall :-) Definitely the perfect scenario. Oh, and look what else happened today - my Blazer hit 100,000 miles! It was actually at 99,999 when I got to work this morning, so I drove around the parking lot until the odometer clicked over so I could get my picture!


Mandy Nelson said...

You don't even look old enough to drive! I have never changed my own oil - totally going to check out Sears from now on!! ;)

rawhide said...

ha ha...my dad used to change my oil too....i never helped. i just let him do it. after my mission, one of my elder friends helped me to change my oil and replace a headlight (that walmart couldn´t get out for me)....it was fun but i liked that he did most of the work. i just go to my dealership still and read a book or watch the news.