Thursday, November 05, 2009

November 5

Thursday, November 05, 2009
My car died this morning on my way to work... I think it might be my alternator. Bummer. And of course it died right as I turned onto Ustick out of my subdivision. I was able to get into the suicide lane just as my Blazer came to a stop, but it was no fun because that's right where the road widens and the middle lane begins, so it's a pretty narrow suicide lane. I am SO thankful for my cell phone! I called my dad, who immediately left work to come rescue me :-) What did we do before cell phones???

I turned on my hazard lights and waited patiently for my dad... While I was waiting, two nice men pulled over and helped me push my car out of the middle lane and into the subdivision across the street from mine. A couple minutes later, one of my neighbors (Robert Zufelt) pulled up and offered to jump my car. His wife Anita had seen me stuck in the middle lane while on her way to work and she called him and asked him to come help me. When he didn't see me on Ustick and didn't see me in our neighborhood, he stopped by my house to see if I was there. When I didn't come to the door, he drove around until he found me. That was so nice! It took about 10 minutes charging my battery before I could drive home on my own... where I met up with my dad. We hooked my Blazer up to a battery charger for the day, and I was able to borrow a car from my parents to use until the mechanic can fix my car. So today I am thankful for all the nice people who came to my rescue when my car broke down!


Robin said...

Robert is such a nice guy. I miss the Zufelts. And your dad is a nice guy too!

kgraime said...

Your story reminds me why I moved to Boise in the first place. People here are just so great and willing to go that extra mile to help a stranger/friend/neighbor!

Sally said...

I'm so glad you are ok and the car is getting fixed. We had the same thing happen to Greg and there are really nice people there.