Saturday, August 06, 2011

Creatures of Habit

Saturday, August 06, 2011
You know those things in your lives that you do over and over again, and you feel the need to do them the exact same way?  Take church on Sundays.  We all like to sit in the same spot every week, right?  I remember how Jen and I confused Bishop Sager one Sunday when we switched from one side of the chapel to the other... he even commented on it over the pulpit!  I always wonder, when I visit a new congregation, who I have just displaced from their seat.

Well, much like having a favorite "spot" in church, I have a favorite treadmill at the gym.  It's the one pictured below - in the middle with the tv (I like to watch HGTV while I run).
This is the treadmill I always run on at the gym.  I have been going to Fitness 19 now faithfully since January when Brandee came back from maternity leave.  And when I say faithfully, I mean sometimes up to 5 or 6 times a week.  Sometimes I go in the morning before work.  Sometimes I go after work.  I somehow always get the same treadmill.  It's like people know when I'm coming and they save it just for me.

Well, this morning I went to the gym to get in a quick cardio workout before I had to go pick up my Bountiful Basket.  And guess what... someone was on MY treadmill!  I wasn't quite sure what to do.  I double checked to make sure I wasn't seeing things, and then just wandered around aimlessly for a minute trying to figure out what treadmill I should run on since mine was taken.  I did end up picking another treadmill (which somehow just wasn't as nice as my treadmill) and managed to get my workout in just fine, but this experience just reaffirmed in my mind that we are definitely creatures of habit!

Note: I had to wait until the lady got off my treadmill, then I ran to my car to get my camera so I could get this picture!