Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do You Ever Google Yourself?

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Do you ever google yourself?  I admit, I do occasionally, just to see what comes up.  There must not be very many Kimberly Woodings in the world, because I would say at least 90% of the results from a "Kimberly Woodings" google search are about me.  I also subscribe to google alerts so when they pick up a new site with my name, I get an email.  You know that other people (friends, future employers, etc.) google you, so I figure it's good to know what they'll find!

Not sure if you've ever seen this video, but I think it's pretty cool when you google the name Matt, that his site is the first result.  If I googled the name Kimberly, I'm guessing I would never even be able to find a single link that was referring to me.  I got to thinking, though, what if I googled Kimberly Boise, ya know, just to narrow it down a bit.  I wonder how many pages I would have to click through until I found a site that referred to me?  Or how many pages until my blog displayed as a result?  I know there are a ton of Kimberlys in or around Boise (let alone a city in Idaho named Kimberly!)  Well, I tried it... and found sites referring to me on both pages 3 and 4, and then my blog appeared on page 5.  Crazy, but kinda cool, right?  Okay, maybe I'm a dork, but google is such a powerful tool, and I like to see what it can do :-)

UPDATE 1/24/11: I just tried googling Kimberly Boise again this morning to show somebody, and my blog has made it to the first page :-)